For Musicans :

  • There will be a small PA (Bose-PA).
  • There will be a small mixing desk. My friend Mike Glück will supply this mixing desk and some mics. Guitars may be amplified with mics.
  • There are no amplifiers for bass, guitar
  • Take it as "unplugged"
  • There are no drums
  • There is no sound check
  • There is no stage management
  • You can bring your equipment (Guitars; percussion e.a. before the show to "Cafe Amadeus".  Eduard - the runner of Cafe Amedeus - or his lovely wife will take care.  Take this opportunity !



I'm NOT a stage manager !

I'll attend the Neil show and want to have FUN after the show. I want to meet YOU, and try to organize, what's possible; but not more.


I'll be there from 17:00 to 19:00;  than i'll go to the venue.

You can call me  : 0043 699 1810 6063 or send me a mail to my mobile phone :